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Electrical & Server Cabinets

Electrical wiring is at the heart of any modern work environment. From server cabinets connecting your internal computer network to boxes designed to route power to your machine tools, this area is the heart of any business operation.

Protecting cabinets from fire is a must!  Overheated circuits, stray current, or electric arcing can cause a fire that brings your whole work environment to a standstill. A Firestop system ensures that you are not vulnerable to an electrical fire costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

Construction & Forest Equip.

Our fire suppression systems work on all types of construction equipment and trucks, from loaders and sweepers to 18 wheelers and single axle box trucks.


Firestop systems primarily protect the engine compartment from ruptured fuel lines, fuel and hydraulic oil spray on hot turbocharger manifolds, and electrical shorts.  


Other applications include protecting the cab and cargo areas from a variety of ignition sources, including lightning,  cigarette butts, matches, chemicals and exposed wiring. 

CNC & EDM Machine Tools

CNC and EDM machines cost millions, and even a small fire can shut down production from these vital tools for days or weeks if replacement parts are required. And if the materials this equipment produces are needed immediately, an entire product line can come to a halt.

Adding a potent fire suppression system from Firestop can ensure your business keeps producing and your employees are safe.


Installation is quick when performed by Firestop's highly rated and expert staff.

Firestop exclusively uses Firetrace suppression systems for all of its installations. Firetrace is the world leader in special hazard fire protection, providing both in cabinet and machine level fire suppression and protection for high value and/or mission critical machinery and equipment.

We Provide Fire Protection for Dozens of Applications, Including . . .  

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