The polymer tubing used to

discharge the fire suppression

agent is leak resistant, flexible

and durable, standing up to

the heavy duty use within your

vehicles, machinery, and other micro environments.

But when a fire erupts, the tubing is designed to rupture quickly when exposed to flame - immediately dousing the fire.

Our Firetrace systems install quickly, and in most cases, we place them close to the source of a potential fire, using either a direct or indirect release method. These systems are designed to be cost effective, low maintenance, and can be installed in nearly any enclosed space without impeding the normal operation of the system it protects.

Protecting Your Business Assets

Indirect Release
Compatible with Most Commercial Suppression Agents
  • FM-200

  • HFC-23

  • HFC-236ea

  • HFC-125

  • Foam

  • CO2

  • 3M Novec 1230 Fluid

  • Dry Chemical (ABC, BC, D)

Direct Release
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