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Standard or Custom Designs Using Firetrace Performance Products

Overhead sprinkler systems and hand-held fire extinguishers are not enough to protect property and personnel.

If a fire starts in a CNC machine, fume hood or wiring cabinet, overhead sprinklers blanket the entire work area, not only shutting down all production, but possibly damaging other equipment.


Hand-held extinguishers rely on someone spotting the fire, and then risking their own safety to put it out. And chances are, by the time an extinguisher is located and brought to the fire, your equipment could be a total loss, especially in machine tools, vehicles and construction equipment.

Be smart and be safe with an automatic fire suppression system, your insurance company will most likely show their appreciation in reduced rates.

Fire detection and suppression systems can be installed in virtually any “micro-environment” or small enclosed space where critical assets are located or where an increased risk of fire could be mitigated. Firestop installs systems that are completely self-contained, require no electrical power, and are easy to maintain. 


The Firetrace products we install are compatible with most commercially available fire-suppressing clean agents, foams, and dry chemicals and are the only systems of their type to carry major listings and approvals from UL, ULC, CE, FM, TC, and more than 20 other international agencies.

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